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Our journey to lemmens.

We each have a different background. Fiona has had a technical, more industrial education with a degree in wood technology. Evelien has a background in policy with her Masters degree in Public Administration and Public Management. Despite the different areas of focus, we have developed a common interest in studying and optimizing processes through our separate paths and our own experiences. Lean Six Sigma has brought our routes together.

As twin sisters we have a unique bond. We understand and support each other like no other. This was the deciding factor to establish lemmens. We are a young, passionate team that will not be deterred from getting creative and thinking “outside the box”. With our knowledge and dynamics we will take your organization to a higher level.

oktober 2020

lemmens. was founded by Evelien and Fiona Lemmens.

date unknown

date unknown

We look forward to reaching more exciting milestones together.


Keep it simple
lemmens. strongly believes in the power of simplicity. Less is more. The simpler a process and its instructions, the less chance there is of errors, meaning effects can be detected more quickly. Adjust your focus if it gets blurry. Focus on the voice of the customer is central. Go straight for your goal and avoid detours. Structure. Standardize. Be agile and create space for daily challenges and internal developments. Breathe simplicity. It starts with you.

You’re in this together
The only way to a powerful process is together. Your team forms the foundation. They know the current steps and operation like no other. Use the knowledge and skills of the team. A key to a successful result. Keep the same goal in mind. When the customer is happy, the organization is happy.

Work hard, have fun
Change, structure, optimize: it is not a burden. Keep it light and playful. Discover the joy of continuous improvement and the role of teamwork. Contributing together to an improved version of your organization and your role within it gives energy. Work hard and keep working hard on your commitment.